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SE 104W - Community Archiving in Social Ecology - Winter 2022: Assignment Hints

Getting Started

You will find below a list of hints that identify different resources that will support each of your ideas reflecting the different populations you expect to cover including, Veterans, healthcare workers, undocumented communities - these suggest some legal frameworks, workplace regulations and other tools.  This list will expand through the term.

1.  Social impacts of the pandemic

Academic Search Complete


2. Life transitions during the pandemic

3.  Disparities

Going Viral: The Mother of all Pandemics

Minority Health & Equity Archive

California Healthy Places Index (HPI)

4. Experiences of caregivers

Social Services Abstracts

CINAHL (nursing)

5. International & global topics



6. Student Life - transitions from childhood to adolescence to young adulthood during pandemic; dorm life; impact on international students

Education Fulltext


Academic Search Complete

7. Labor and professions - impacts on performers, travel industry, hospitality; remote work, business closures; government interventions

8. Mental and emotional health & information - impacts on mental health, emotions, attitudes, family relationships; indifference & disbelief regarding vaccines and the pandemic



Web of Science

Academic Search Complete