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SIRiPods - Summer 2022: Research Resources


Following are some hints and resources for approaching this SIRiPod sessions - not at all exhaustive but some ideas to consider when reviewing the options for choosing research paths and sources:

I. Building Beating Hearts

II. Medical Innovation with Virtual Reality

III. Sustainable Energy and Fuels

Finding Articles, Conference Papers/Proceedings, News, Data, Technical Literature/Reports

Finding Articles, Papers, Proceedings, News by Using Databases

Depending on what you are researching or seeking, what the purpose of your query is and from what time period will determine where you go. There are many databases that cover different subjects, content, dates and are organized in multiple ways. Basically, you seek, find, discover, and refine your search strategy to increase the relevancy of the output. Licensed databases tend to contain the scholarly, scientific resources that are not freely available to everyone because they require a license. Access to this information is available to current UCI students and you must configure your computer to recognize and authenticate you if you are connecting from off-campus.

* denotes resources restricted to UCI affiliates.  The following databases support different aspects of engineering, science and business information: