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SE 194W - Naturalistic Field Research Winter 2022: Assignments

Assignment #1 - Research Question & Literature Review for Final Paper

This is a group assignment - you will want to contribute to best practices of a group so that you can each submit your piece of this project.  Some hints to achieve that are:

  • read the entire assignment for the Final Paper
  • have a shared workspace on Google Drive
  • get approval for a research topic
  • consult Sage Research Methods for additional assistance, strategies and pointers for any part of the assignment (requires VPN)
  • share information widely that you retrieve from databases that may be related to another's assignment or coverage
  • remember to research a question that can be divided among the rest of the outline
  • think carefully about the research design and methods you will apply in your paper - narrative, phenomenology, grounded theory, case study
  • describe the interview setting, access/recruitment, participants, procedures/protocols
  • find >5 peer review academic articles - learn how to refine search strategies to retrieve these articles - make sure that you identify he conceptual framework or theories related to your topic
  • conduct 2 structured or semi-structured interviews that will take 30-60 minutes - submit the transcriptions of these interviews after you edit them.  Include the date, start time and end time that each is conducted and share with your team the transcripts
  • Final paper format - follow directions on p. 12 of the assignments noted in the syllabus

Assignment #2 - Draft Interview Protocol & Questions

Using the Interview Template in Canvas, each group will create >15-20 interview questions that are open-ended and not reflect any bias or leading outcomes.  A range of questions from easy to more in-depth should be included.  These questions should be approved before conducting interviews.

Assignment 3 - Interview Consent Form

Every student will complete Interview Consent Form found in Canvas

Assignment #4 - Transcription of Interviews

Follow instructions on p. 11 of Assignments in Syllabus and use the tools mentioned that are described in Canvas for transcription.  Each student will submit two or more transcriptions.  Include:

  • date
  • start time
  • end time when interview was conducted
  • use alias/non-identifying name or number for the interviewees
  • to be shared among group
  • to be included in the Appendix of final paper

Draft #1

Define research question that ends with a question mark. 

  • Introduction
    • research question?
  • Literature Review - contains at least 5+ citations from peer-reviewed academic articles
  • Methods Section - brief description but include the interview protocol/questions in the appendix

Draft #2

In preparation for the final paper,

  • Each group member will review all interview transcripts prepared by the group
  • Analyze the data
  • Code the data
  • Determine themes and findings

Then each student will draft & complete the following outline:

  • Abstract
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • Resources from Lit Review in APA format
  • Appendix