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Writing 39C Information Literacy Tutorial - 2019 version

Finding Legislation

Legislation is a law or body of laws that has been enacted by a governing body such as the US Congress. The legislative process involves evaluating, amending, and voting on proposed laws ("bills"). It can be valuable for your paper or argument to find legislation because it represents a real solution that has been formally proposed. Reading about the discussion of a specific piece of legislation can give you insight into political support for a proposed solution as well as its projected costs.

How to find legislation

While it is possible to go directly to or other government sites, it is often more useful to do a cursory search for how a law is discussed in a larger social context. A simple Google search or a scan through news articles or even a resource like CQ Researcher can give you a bit of background on how a particular bill or law is being understood. 

Advocacy Project - Legislation[Time = 3:07]


How does a bill become a law?

If you need a refresher on how a bill becomes a law in the United States, check out some of these resources:

Bill Becomes Law  (click to see full image)

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How a bill really becomes a law: What Schoolhouse Rock missed