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Writing 39C Information Literacy Tutorial - 2019 version

"Cited By" searching

Bibliographies show you what scholars prior to the article or book you have in hand were saying about a topic. But... what if you want to find out what the article you have in hand contributed to the scholarly conversation moving forward?

"Cited By" or Cited Reference Searching is a newer tool that scholars are using to track the impact of particular sources on later publications. Google Scholar is a powerful tool for Cited Reference Searching, because it is multi-disciplinary, and also contains some book and book chapter information. Make sure you have the VPN turned on when you use Google Scholar, to ensure that you have access to the journals that UCI subscribes to.

This video demonstrates how to use Google Scholar to track cited references, and why it is an important component of research.

Cited Reference Searching (University of Chicago Libraries) [2:04]