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Beckman Laser Institute: Finding Information

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Finding Books, eBooks, & Book Chapters

UCI Libraries has many books.  All resources are listed in the Library Catalog, Library Search (search in Library Catalog and consider using the Advanced Search option) and in MELVYL, the holdings of all 10 UC campus libraries and can be searched, requested and read. When searching outside of UC, you will search the holdings of all other members of the WorldCat libraries.  Currently we are not honoring requests for print titles via InterLibrary Loan (ILL).  Full Table of Contents will allow you to read individual chapters, either online, or to download or print at the chapter level.   In addition there are many other publishers that the library has the majority of recent monographic releases or book holdings from including:

  • CRC Press (one of the Taylor & Francis imprints as well as T&F in its entirety for recent years) - divided into subject areas - use the subject fields to filter to Engineering & Technology and then to Laser & Optical Engineering on the left sidebar
  • Blackwell Synergy - from Blackwell Wiley
  • Wiley IEEE eBooks
  • Elsevier eBooks (The UC did not renew its subscription to the Elsevier Journal package for 2019 going forward .  This dictates that content from those journals be requested via ILL. Also selective content for which the UC does not have perpetual access must be requested.)
  • Springer eBooks & Series
  • SPIE eBooks
  • Cambridge University Press
  • MIT eBooks (2018+)
  • Institute of Physics (IOPP) - large collection of titles on optics & photonics in different applications
  • Thieme Clinical Collections
  • Knovel - an aggregator of several eBook platforms - not a comprehensive holdings from every representative publisher
  • OHE (O'Reilly for Higher Education - contains many books, videos & case studies on various technologies)
  • ASM eBooks
  • many other publishers

Finding Journal & Conference Literature

Finding journal articles and conference papers/proceedings is easiest when searching from databases and using the UC eLink icon to connect you with the fulltext holdings in our collection.  The following databases include different content but reflect clinical medicine, engineering, biophysics, computational sciences and other interdisciplinary content:

In addition from the following publishers, both commercial & scholarly societies, UCI has the majority if not all of this content, unless noted:

  • SPIE Digital Library - full archive, including the journals of the International Society for Optical Engineering
  • Optical Society of America - OSA Publishing, known as Optics InfoBase
  • IOP (institute of Physics) - UC has access to full journal collection
  • APS (American Physical Society) - UC has access to full journal collection
  • Elsevier ScienceDirect - majority of holdings up through 2018 (UC did not renew the journal package effective 2019, but UCI users can request at no cost copies of articles by selecting the Request function and articles will be quickly sent directly to users)
  • SpringerNature via SpringerLink
  • IEEE Xplore
  • ASME Digital Collection

Finding Standards

UCI has several standards collections and provides access to many more.  In the moment of COVID-19 there have been many demands for additional standards and they can be requested from Julia Gelfand:

Business Resources

Just a few basic sources that will provide competitive intelligence and background on lasers and related applications in medical applications.

Library Catalogs

The UC Library Search online catalog contains all information resources in all formats available to users from all 10 UC campuses and the regional storage facilities. InterLibrary Loans can be made from any campus library.

WorldCat is the largest holdings inventory of 56,000 member libraries worldwide and appoximately 1.4 billion records.  UCI's holdings are noted. For content not found in UC Library Search, it can be requested from a WorldCat library.

InterLibrary Loan & Document Supply

The UCI Libraries are currently only borrowing electronic materials as most libraries remain closed due to the pandemic.  Please use the "Request" feature icon in most databases to request content not currently available at UCI.  Or submit requests for book chapters and article requests via this link .

For Elsevier articles from 2019+ please go to ScienceDirect, find the article that you need, and click through:

The UC did not renew its subscription to the Elsevier Journal package for 2019 going forward .  This dictates that content from those journals be requested via ILL. Also selective content for which the UC does not have perpetual access must be requested.  Delivery is free &  fast but not immediate and requires planning for access for current content from journals such as Lancet, Lancet Oncology, Cancer Letters, Cancer Epidemiology, Gene and hundreds of others.  Check ScienceDirect for access or use the Request function in databases to order articles, or find alternative sources.  When searching pay special attention to the publisher.  To request articles from 2019+, go to ScienceDirect, click on "Get Access", then on "SFX Context Sensitive Linking" and then on "InterLibrary Loan Request" and enter the 16 digit number on the lower left hand corner of your UCI Photo ID (if you do not have that you should contact by eMail using your UCI eMail address and ask how you can obtain a bar code). Complete form with your eMail address and you will be sent a pdf of the article very shortly at no cost to you.  Be selective and mindful of how much you order.

  • Get Access
  • SFX Context Sensitive Linking
  • InterLibrary Loan Request
  • enter your library card # - the 16 digit number on the bottom left of your UCI Photo ID - begins with 2197000.... if you don't have an ID, eMail for assistance
  • complete form and enter your eMail address ( is required)
  • you will receive a pdf of article soon
  • or complete this form with full citation


Subject Headings

Selective subject headings may include the following terms and can also be searched by keyword/anything to retrieve element in title, abstracts,. table of contents, authorship, and subject headings and will retrieve a wider range than only when searched by Subject Heading.  The range of relevance will vary too, with searching by Subject Heading retrieving the most focused output in both Library Search and MELVYL.

  • Biophotometry
  • Biophotonics
  • Birthmarks
  • Body piercing - adverse effects
  • Cosmetic Techniques - adverse effects
  • Dermatologic Surgical Procedures
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Electronics - materials
  • Hemasngioma
  • Image processing
  • Imaging systems
  • Imaging systems in medicine
  • Laser Therapy - methods
  • Laser Therapy - trends
  • Lasers
  • Lasers - history
  • Lasers - Physiological effect
  • Lasers - Therapeutic use
  • Lasers in dentistry
  • Lasers in medicine
  • Microscopy
  • Molecular imaging
  • Nanophotonics
  • Optical fibers in medicine
  • Optical instruments
  • Optical pattern recognition
  • Optical science
  • Optics
  • Photobiology
  • Skin - Imaging
  • Skin - Laser surgery
  • Skin Diseases - etiology
  • Tattooing - advise effects
  • Tissues - Optical properties

Miscellaneous Resources