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Humanities Center: Ocean Projects

The library guide for Humanities Center Ocean Project during the school year 2020 - 2021.

Welcome to the UCI Humanities Center Library Guide.



Please join us for a year-long exploration of Oceans, sponsored by the UCI Humanities Center. Oceans are rarely neutral places. They provoke the human imagination, arouse emotions of fear and nostalgia, and are sites of pleasure, contemplation, heroism, and death. The oceans cover more than 70% of the earth's surface, and its depths are home to 94% of all living species. How have scholars, writers, and artists tried to comprehend the vastness of Oceans? What do they tell us about human and animal relationships across national and continental borders? What do the oceans reveal about human encounters with our environmental world? What do oceans tell us about our past, present, and future? Join us this year to explore these questions and more. 

This guide serves as your portal to the information about the Ocean Project including the digital book exhibit, the event information, and how to connect to the New York Times' The 1619 Project. 

We plan to focus on different oceanic topics each quarter: 
Fall Quarter - The Black Atlantic
Winter Quarter - Indigenous Pacific, Black Pacific
Spring Quarter - Environment and Humanities

You can click on different tabs above for 'events' and 'teaching resources' information.

Please direct any questions to Richard Cho, your Research Librarian for Humanities and Literature.

The 1619 Project from The New York Times


In the fall quarter, the project ties into material presented in the New York Times' The 1619 Project.

To access The 1619 Project, please click HERE.

To access The 1619 Project in the New York Times Magazine as PDF, click HERE.

To access The 1619 Project Curriculum from Pulitzer Center, click HERE.

If you need to subscribe to the New York Times using the UCI credential, please follow the direction here --->

The Ocean Project Digital Book Display

Click here to access the Ocean Project Digital Book Display!

In collaboration with the UCI library, this is a digital book display showcasing various ebooks we have on the topics of the ocean. By clicking on the book cover, you will be taken to the ebook in our library system.

You need to be connected via VPN in order to access this digital book display.

The Stories from the Sea Project

The Stories from the Sea Project.

During winter of 2020, the UCI Humanities Center, the Center for StorytellingUCI Libraries, the Department of History, and the Newport Beach Public Library Foundation hosted interns to continue their research, expand their projects, archive the materials, create websites, and learn new skills.

During spring of 2021, these Stories from the Sea were showcased at an event hosted by the Newport Beach Library Foundation on May 6.

How to Access the

To Activate Your Access:

1. While on campus, or while connected to the VPN from off campus, visit

2. Create a account using your UCI email address

Type in "Irvine" and it will find University of California, Irvine.

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Fill in your UCI email address, create a password, and choose the appropriate "type of user." Then click "Sign Up."

3. If you wish, you can download the NYT mobile app. Visit

After registration, you can enjoy access to from any network or location.

The expiration date of your Pass will be shown to you upon activation. AFTER ONE YEAR, YOU WILL NEED TO RENEW YOUR ACCOUNT.

Librarian for Humanities and Literature

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Richard Cho
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The Humanities Center

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Director: Judy Wu

Please click HERE to visit the Humanities Center webpage on the Ocean Project.