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UPPP 224: Environmental Politics and Policy - Winter 2020: Home

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Subject Headings

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  • Climate change
  • Energy justice
  • Environmental ethics
  • Environmental justice
  • Natural disasters


This course addresses environmental problems, dilemmas and explores roles of politics, relationships of power and influence that define, create and potentially remedy or solve them.  Building on "intersectionality" you will learn how social categories of culture, identity, gender and other elements effect outcomes with discrimination,exclusion, social inequality and systemic injustice.  With this seminar being focused on "reflective practice" you will determine the effects and role of individuals on environmental issues and how those issues effect individuals and communities.  There are many big questions and plenty of related questions that reflect the social, political and economic consequences of our times or a specific period that have had significant environmental influences on humankind.  There are individuals, movements and activities that are serving as influential agents of change and have been recipients of that change.  In the wider spirit of environmental justice you can address many causes and outcomes that have had important roles.

This guide is an introduction to secondary sources that offer context that frames the time period, suggests what people are thinking and doing to further causes and programs.  It reminds you of the interdisciplinary work that you will conduct and review.



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