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Bibliographic Management Software

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Mendeley Reference Manager is a free web and desktop reference management application with a cloud-based library that syncs automatically, making changes accessible across locations, devices and Mendeley tools. Annotate and share documents with groups of colleagues. Mendeley's Privacy Statement and Terms of Use: Acceptable use and the types of data collected from the website, products, and linked social networking accounts included in Mendeley's full statement


Mendeley Destop (free) 

  • Free to download with registration  

  • 2GB of personal library space (Additional storage is available at tiered rates through Mendeley Premium

  • Create private groups with collaborators for sharing common documents 

  • 100MB shared web storage across all groups 

  • Collate all highlights and notes from multiple PDFs in Mendeley Notebook  

  • Search Mendeley for relevant scholarly literature on any topic and connect citations to PDFs on your computer, or import PDFs directly into Mendeley 


Mendeley Web Importer (free) 

  • Browser extension 

  • Import PDFs and web pages directly into personal reference library   

  • Available for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge 


Mendeley Cite  

  • Available as a free plug-in that is compatible with MS Office 365, MS Word, and with the Microsoft Word app for iPad® 

  • Automatically generates citations and bibliographies and inserts citations into MS Word documents (library must be synced to the Mendeley Cloud)