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Art History: S21: Patel - Photography, Empire, Knowledge


Research Resources for VS Spring 2021 Seminar with Profesor Alka Patel: Photography, Empire, Knowledge

Welcome! The seminar examines photography as both technology and cultural production, and examines its intervention in the creation and perpetuation of empires, archives, and knowledges. This short guide lists off helpful bibliographies, recommended journals, suggested LC subject headings to browse virtually, and examples of books from UCI Libraries that may interest you or help you engage further: theory and methodtechnical, process, conservationsocial & cultural and photography & philosophy.

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Bibliographies and Handbooks

Oxford Bibliographies Online Entries:

History of Photography 

Resources for: general overviews & reference works; recommended journals; theory; technical aspects; social and cultural lens; national/regional histories (North America, Europe, Africa, Asia); genre/subject matter (the photobook, anthropology) 

Photography in South Asia 

Resources for: general overviews; 19th century primary sources; biographical studies of individual photographers; thematic collections; critical studies; architectural photography; documentary (early and mid-20th century, late 20th century); art photography; individual photographers; contemporary photography: group publications.

Photography in the History of Race and the Nation
Resources for: archives and collections; history of photography in Latin America; portraiture and race; outside perspectives; photographic avant-gardes and the quest for modernity; photography and the state; photography and revolution; construction of ethnic and class identity; Indigeneity; racial photographies; violence and memory; restoring agency, undoing race.

Analytic Philosophy of Photography
Resources for: general overviews of the philosophical literature; anthologies; art and photography; photography and knowledge; photographic phenomenology; photographic representation; photography and ethics; methodological issues.

Getty Research Institute - Photographic Collection

Getty Research Institute - Photographic Collections:

  • The Department of Photographs was established in 1984 with the acquisition of several of the most important private collections in the world, including those of Bruno Bischofberger, Arnold Crane, Volker Kahmen/Georg Heusch, and Samuel Wagstaff, Jr.
  • Through a continuing program of acquisitions by purchase and donation, the Getty Museum has assembled the finest and most comprehensive corpus of photographs on the West Coast.
  • The collection is particularly rich in works dating from the time of photography’s invention in England and France in the late 1830s and early 1840s. 
  • International in scope, it encompasses substantial holdings by some of the most significant masters of the twentieth century active in Europe, the United States, South America, Asia, and Africa. 
  • Notable among artists represented are William Henry Fox Talbot, Julia Margaret Cameron, Carleton Watkins, Walker Evans, August Sander, and Robert Mapplethorpe.
  • The collection is also the only curatorial area in the Museum that extends into the twenty-first century with contemporary acquisitions.

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