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UPPP 275 - Planning for Climate Justice, Spring 2023: Home

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Introduction to Course & Guide

This class departs from the intersection of climate change and social justice.  It introduces you to resources that blend this intersection and frames the content in various theoretical models.  Case studies may be one model or construct that is defined by geography or by element such as transportation, housing, water, inventorying greenhouse gases and other environmental aspects, the assessment of climate vulnerability, implementing mitigation and adaptation strategies of a different corpus of what climate change and social justice impacts.

The new journal, Journal of City, Climate Change and Economy (University of Toronto Press, 2022+) addresses many issues in your syllabus.

 The five minute presentation should be accompanied by 5-8 slides.


There are two books that are required for this class:


Recommended Subject Headings

The following subject headings will help refine your search strategies, especially when searching for books and book chapters in UCLS.

  • Carbon offsetting
  • Citizen participation
  • Climate change management and policy
  • Climate justice
  • Climatic changes - Environmental aspects
  • Climatic changes - Government policy
  • Climatic changes - Law and legislation
  • Climatic changes - Moral and ethical aspects
  • Climatic changes - Political aspects
  • Climatic changes - Prevention
  • Climatic changes - Social aspects
  • Deforestation
  • Energy conservation
  • Energy policy
  • Environmental geography
  • Environmental health - Government policy
  • Environmental justice
  • Environmental law
  • Environmental policy
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Forest conservation
  • Global warming - Social aspects
  • Greenhouse gas mitigation
  • Social justice
  • Sustainable development
  • Urban policy - Environmental aspects

Searching UCLS

Searching the UCI Library Catalog allows you to search not only holdings at UCI but across all UC campus libraries. You can retrieve books, book chapters, see Table of Contents, other formats such as articles, films & videos, data sets, etc by using the filters on the Left Side Bar and saving the refinements.  Other filters allow you to choose your format - print, online, video, and whether you want the output sorted by date or relevance.  In the Advanced Search option you can restrict to just UCI and what you want searched (title, author, publisher, etc) and format (along the right side bar) and make sure that you check the Library box along the top.

Book collections that may be useful are from the following vendors or publishers:

You can retrieve reviews and articles but don't assume that this is an exhaustive search.  It is recommended that you consult the databases noted below,

Databases - searching for journal literature, grey literature

The following databases will introduce you to the literature, both core and secondary.  You can search the Urban Planning & Public Policy Research Guide list of extensive databases and the Databases A-Z

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