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SE 194W - Naturalistic Field Research Winter 2022: Home

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APA Style Manual, 7th ed., 2020

The latest APA Style Manual is only available in print.  The following resources offer you explanations & examples and supplement the most current edition.


Connecting from Off-Campus - Using VPN

You will need to use the VPN in order to access licensed content, and have available the DUO for additional authentication.  You can test and make sure your VPN is working by following the directions.  You can download the software on up to 5 devices.  Contact OIT if you encounter any problems at 949-824-2222 (24/7)

Conducting a Literature Review

Many research techniques will serve your needs to conduct a highly relevant literature review:

  • Consider evaluating resources based on Currency, Relevancy, Accuracy, Authority and Purpose.
  • Think of the context of your work - function, form and access.
  • identify the subject matter to find appropriate databases that cover the subject area and the specific problem you are investigating
  • Use the Advanced Search function if there is one - so you can search by constituency/population of topic, language, etc
  • Truncate words for all right handed forms of words
  • Consider the value of a Review article
  • Filter search for journal articles, peer-reviewed or scholarly content
  • Determine the output results - by date or by relevancy
  • Use Find@UC or UCeLinks to read fulltext if not noted in the citation/entry
  • Use references in bibliography to seek other references; also consider cited work going forward from publication work
  • Send results to yourself via eMail
  • Look at Subject Headings or Descriptors to help inform the keywords you will assign to your entries
  • Cite articles using APA format


Introduction to Guide

Welcome to this course, an upper-division writing course that introduces you to methods and resources that will support naturalistic field research.  You will work at the intersection of natural environments and environment & behavioral theories.  This guide will offer you some hints and strategies as well as resources that will support your assignment of a research paper and some hints for working on the Extra Credit Options:

Students enrolled in this course come as majors in each of Social Ecology's Departments.  For each department the subject librarian has created a Resource Guide highlighting the resources in the covered disciplines:

Remember that the preparation and results for leading or conducting a Focus Group are different than participating in one.  Some background information may include these guides:

Databases that maybe particularly useful to consult about your research topic and refined by Focus Group include the following and one caveat, articles published by Elsevier in 2019 & 2020 are not available without requesting them individually using the REQUEST function, after you click through the UCeLinks icon for each article:

Research Resources - you should refine your search by using the left sidebar that allows you to restrict your search to Peer Reviewed or Scholarly Journal Articles; available fulltext; published in certain years for currency

Liaison Librarian

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