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ICS 197H - Undergraduate Honors - 2018-19: Background & Introduction


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The UCI Library Website is your point of departure as you seek information.

Connecting from Off-Campus

In order to access licensed content and resources, you will either have to use a computer connected to the UCI network which includes access from all campus buildings and residence communities.  If you are away from the campus, you must be recognized and authenticated and you can do this by installing the VPN client or using Web VPN.

If you need additional assistance to install this, please consult with OIT at 949-824-2222 open 24/7

Borrowing from the Library


  • As undergraduate honors students you have 90 days or a full academic quarter when borrowing books from both the Science & Langson Libraries, the same as for graduate students. 
  • Can borrow maximum of 999 books
  • Please return as soon as you complete your use
  • Self-checkout is available at all libraries. 
  • Your UCI ID also grants borrowing in person  from other UC campuses assuming you comply with returning materials.  
  • Proxy cards are available if you are doing work for a professor and can be requested at the Library Loan Desks - both parties must sign for them.  Grants longer loan periods.
  • Library has ability to impose fines for lost or late returns and restrict registration or graduation until fees are paid.  Overdue fees have increased & will be enforced.
  • Use MY LIBRARY ACCOUNT to track all your transactions.  Renewals can be made online.


Hotspotr : Find a Wi-Fi hotspot in your area with Hotspotr, a Google Maps mashup that relies entirely on user input.  As with other Wi-Fi finders, you can search for hotspots by city, ZIP code or place, then get maps, driving directions, phone numbers, etc. 

Background Information & How to Find Books

There are many resources at the UCI Libraries devoted to the study of computer science.  The collection is relatively young at less than 50 years coinciding with the birth of the discipline about then and the UCI collection is focused on the general materials, and the specific research interests and coursework that is offered at the present on campus.  It is anticipated that the collection will grow rapidly in parallel as the program expands its emphases and more faculty and students join it.
Strong interests in computational biology, genomics, neural & soft computing, fuzzy computing, machine learning & intelligence, software design, algorithms and theory, computer graphics, signal transduction, human computer interaction, image processing, embedded systems, pervasive computing, ubiquitous computing, real-time systems, computer networks, communication systems, medical & biomedical informatics, computerization in organizations, visualization, scientific computing, datasets, etc., are demonstrated in the collection. 
Some of the current special interests reflect strong interdisciplinary interests and include: relationships and support to other units in the Samueli School of Engineering, School of Biological Sciences, School of Medicine, Merage School of Business. 
Library of Congress Subject Headings – the classification scheme that offers the structured vocabulary for relevant output for searching Library Search & Melvyl by Subject Headings.  Keyword searching may retrieve more output but may not be as relevant.  Keyword also searches the author, title, source fields and elements in an abstract when searching in a database, as well as the Subject Headings.
Most books about computer science related topics will be found at the Science Library (SL) in the call number ranges:
QA 76
TK 7886
and at the Langson Library (LL) in
HD9696 for materials on computing industry, and in organizations. 
Remember that computer science is an applied subject that finds itself in nearly all aspects of daily life today in theory, applications, processing, etc so there may be a subheading of Information Technology or Automation corresponding to many primary subject areas.
There are several methods to use to find resources listed in the next box:

Use UC Library Search

Find books, government documents, maps and more ...

How to use UC Library Search? Contact Librarian

  Finding Books & E-Books

FINDING BOOKS and EBOOKS:  Regardless of the format in print or eBooks, you will search Library Holdings in Catalogs such as those mentioned in the previous box that notes the Online Public Access Catalogs (opacs) and by collections, and by individual titles or authors to locate specific books.  Some collections are publisher specific and are noted below.

  • Online Catalogs:
    • Library Search– UC Irvine Libraries holdings (Langson Library – LL), Science Library (SL), and Grunigen Medical Library (GML) - note format - can search by keyword; records at source level


    • MELVYL– UC-wide holdings (all 10 UC campuses) - easiest way to use InterLibrary Loan (ILL) is via MELVYL Request


    • WorldCat- Global library holdings with links to UCI holdings


    • Global Books in Print - directory of books in print


    • commercial inventory - can be checked for items not in our collection and ordered via ILL


  • Library of Congress Subject Headings – the authority that offers the structured vocabulary for relevant output for searching Library Search & Melvyl by Subject Headings. Keyword searching may retrieve more output but may not be as relevant. Keyword also searches the author, title, source fields and elements in an abstract when searching in a database, as well as the Subject Headings.  One easy way to establish the Subject Headings is to search Library Search by Subject (use pull-down tabs) and then when you find a relevant book, scroll down to the list of subject headings and click on one of them and other books in the collection will be retrieved.  Corresponding classification schemes mapped to call numbers are found in this outline.


E-Books - as noted there are an increasing number of eBooks to which you have access and most can be read, downloaded and copied at the chapter level. They are all listed in Library Search and MELVYL and Next Gen MELVYL by individual title and by series. There are many collections of such resources and the collections can be searched collectively

CRCnetBASE - a large collection of Engineering and related books published by the CRC Press. There are many titles in different subject areas - specifically ENGnetBASE and within that part of the database are included books on Civil, Mechanical, Biomedical, Electrical Engineering.  

Knovel - a very large database of books in engineering, chemistry and materials science including many reference works published by a variety of publishers. UCI does NOT have access to the Sustainability Energy and Development titles yet.  Access to all other titles in collection are noted and should be available. 

OHE (O'Reilly for HIgher Education) 

A collection of 48,000 titles of technical eBooks, videos, interactive tutorials, case studies, learning paths and audio books from O’Reilly and selective titles from 200+ global publishers covering subject ranges from Business, Desktop & Web Applications, Data Science & Management, Digital Media, Engineering, Information Technology & Software Development & Architecture, Math & Sciences, and Personal & Professional Development going back to 2007. This database also contains 30,000 hours of video including presentations from O’Reilly for Higher Education.

Springer Books and Series - largest collection of science and engineering books published by global publisher Springer with imprint dates from 2008 forward. 

National Academies Press - Output of the National Academies of Science & Engineering of commissioned research reports and books.

Wiley / IEEE Books - Available from the IEEE Xplore platform on topics ranging from bioengineering, communication, networking, robotics, signal processing, materials, electromagnetics, general topics, etc.  Also on the IEEE Xplore platform is a selective hosting of the MIT eBooks in Computer Science and related fields

SPIE Online Books - Mostly on the subject of optics and photovoltaics.

ASM Books - Available via Knovel and on the ASM platform - covers materials.

Wiley Online Library - Books published by John Wiley as eBooks.

Momentum Press Books -

IET Digital Library eBooks -

Morgan & Claypool Synthesis Series Collections - there are currently 5 different collections in computer science & engineering and one in Life Sciences known as Colloquium

Library is Open for eAccess

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Copying/Printing at the Libraries

Your UCI PhotoID will serve as your copy card for xeroxing and printing.  It requires that money be added to it by inserting it in one of the Regenerator machines found throughout the UCI Libraries.  Enter a few dollars at a time and add to it when it is depleted.  Costs will be debited at the rate of 8 cents per copy or xerox made; 12 cents per page of printing and more for color printing.