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Engineering 180/280 - Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers - Winter 2021: General Tips





  1. You will be participating in a group to compose a business plan for a new real world product.  The research will involve market research, product research, and industry/competitor analysis.
  2. Think seriously of the impact that this product will have and for what community will the benefits be the greatest?  Medical/Global Health, Engineering, Retail, Transportation, Communications, Home/Living Environment, Workplace Solutions, etc?
  3. As a group member, take responsibility for specific areas, complete tasks, and share information widely with team-mates
  4. Use outlines - for the project, for individual contributions, and to determine what information is still needed
  5. Create shared space on a network drive such as Google Drive that you can park content for each other to consult.
  6. Consider using MS Word's "Track Changes" on the "Review" tab.
  7. Evaluate Internet resources carefully - consider domain - .edu, .com, .gov, .org, etc.
  8. Do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with either the Engineering & Innovation & Entrepreneurship Librarian or for general queries utilize Ask-a-Librarian
  9. Consider the elements of your audience when you select information and materials to determine level of relevancy - think about:

authority control - authorship, who, affiliation, where
currency - note the date, the update, does it reflect the right period of time
purpose - does it meet criteria for assignment
objectivity - does it reflect the balance of bias and political slant you need
accuracy - did you capture and appropriately cite the original source
relevance - did you find the most relevant information or "just good enough"

The criteria you want to apply in reviewing another group's business plan has two considerations:

  1. the elements that you find are most critical in your business plan - how do they compare
  2. if you were to consider funding or investing in this proposal - do you have sufficient information; does the product fulfill a need as a service or product; how does it compare to others in the marketplace; etc