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Film and Media Studies: Stardom

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A Quick Definition of Stardom:

"Film stardom is a phenomenon formed between the industry that produces films, the actual content of films, and the ways in which moviegoers form their relationships with films. To a large extent, the popularity of cinema results from the production, distribution, presentation, and consumption of film stars. Looking at stars therefore provides a focus from which to reflect more generally upon the workings and attractions of cinema." - Schirmer Encyclopedia of Film, entry on Stars.


Bibliography for Stardom in Film, Television, & Media

  • Stardom - by Elena D'Amelio - from the Cinema & Media Studies Oxford Bibliographies Online entry. This bibliographic entry has tons of books and articles about stardom.


Articles and Books on Film and Television


  • For film: try the search "name of film in quotes" AND year (ex. 2007) AND director or studio
  • For TV: try the search "name of TV series in quotes" AND year of start AND producer or network


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Newspaper articles


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