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Film and Media Studies: Melodrama

Library information resources for Film and Media Studies

Melodrama sources


Bibliography for Melodrama in Film in Television

  • Melodrama - by Linda Williams - from the Cinema & Media Studies Oxford Bibliographies Online entry. This bibliographic entry authored by Linda Williams has tons of books and articles about melodrama. This will be helpful in learning more about melodrama and its mode in preparation for analyzing your film or tv text.


Articles and Books on Film and Television


  • For film: try the search "name of film in quotes" AND year (ex. 2007) AND director or studio
  • For TV: try the search "name of TV series in quotes" AND year of start AND producer or network


Fulltext Backfiles for Essential Journals


Researching Moral/Societal Issues


  • Try the following set of keywords in addition to your specific topic: (social OR societ* OR moral* OR ethic*)

Newspaper articles

Newspaper articles


  • Many of these resources can be searched for only reviews by selecting document type: review.

If you need more or different resources,  visit the Newspaper guide.