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Film and Media Studies: Streaming Film Online

Library information resources for Film and Media Studies

Free Streaming Media

  • Art Babble  is intended to showcase video art content in high quality format from a variety of sources and perspectives.
  • Federal Government-produced films 

  • Hulu Free streaming of network TV programs and films with minimal commercial interruption

  • Icarus Films: clips Distributes innovative and provocative documentary films from independent producers around the world.

  • Internet Movie Archive Free library of free movies, films, and videos. This library contains thousands of digital movies uploaded by Archive users which range from classic full-length films, to daily alternative news broadcasts, to cartoons and concerts.

  • Jaman: Your Home for Movies Online  Choose from thousands of award winning US & international films, download for free, rent, join review community.

  • Movie Clips Offers up thousands of searchable, embeddable, shareable legally licensed movie clips from Hollywood flicks — including films that are current in theaters — for free.
  • Mubi Mubi is not just about discovering wonderful new cinema or classic masterpieces. It’s also about discussing and sharing these discoveries, which makes us like a small coffee shop—… a place where you can gather and talk about alternative endings, directors’ cuts, and whatever those frogs in Magnolia meant. Heated debates and passionate arguments are welcome.

  • Open Vault Open Vault provides online access to unique and historically important content produced by public television station WGBH for individual and classroom learning.

  • OV Guide  Steams thousands of popular TV shows

  • Science Cinema   ScienceCinema uses innovative, state-of-the-art audio indexing and speech recognition technology from Microsoft Research to allow users to quickly find video files produced by the DOE National

  • Snag Films is a website where you can watch full-length documentary films for free. It is also a platform that lets you “snag” a film and put it anywhere on the web.

  • Top Documentary  TDF offers free streaming access to documentaries

  • UbuWeb Streams art clips, films; a good resource for avant-garde artists' videos.

  • UC TV on demand  (UCTV) is a non-commercial channel featuring 24/7 programming from throughout the University of California. UCTV explores a broad spectrum of subjects of interest, arts channel can be viewed at

  • Vernissage TV   "the window to the art world"

  • Films at Creative Commons  This is a brief list of films available under the Creative Commons license, along with links to their hosting websites. A list of featured film content directories is included as well.
  • Moving Image Archive (  This is the home page of's moving images collection. It is a little difficult to navigate, but it is absolutely loaded with usable content.
  • Prelinger Archives (  This is a collection of over 2000 films including stock footage, old commercials, and other materials. They are freely available for download and reuse under the Creative Commons license.
  • Critical Commons: At the heart of Critical Commons is an online tool for viewing, tagging, sharing, annotating and curating media within the guidelines established by a given community. Our goal is to build open, informed communities around media-based teaching, learning and creativity, both inside and outside of formal educational environments. And although we are huge fans of their work, please note that Critical Commons is not affiliated in any way with Creative Commons.