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Film and Media Studies: The Silent Era

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Annotated Bibliography & Research Paper

Professor Hatch's Assignment:

Annotated Bibliography

In preparation for the research paper, you will submit an annotated bibliography (MLA style) of at least 10 sources that provide information about your chosen research subject. All entries will have been originally produced prior to 1931, and you must be able to access each of your sources. In annotating the bibliography, please identify the type of source (film review, magazine profile, film, photograph, etc.) and include a sentence or two indicating how the source will contribute to your research paper (for example, a photograph might tell us something about how a star’s image was produced as glamorous, humorous, ordinary, etc.). Due in section on February 20.

Research Paper

You will write a 1000-word paper on a silent-era film star, director, producer, or other figure associated with the film industry.  Your paper will provide a portrait of your subject as they were known prior to 1931 and explain their significance to silent-era film and society in the style of an encyclopedia entry rather than a thesis-driven paper.  All factual information pertaining to your subject must be derived from sources that were originally produced prior to 1931 and you must include copies of all your sources (photographs, advertisements, magazine articles, film reviews, etc.) with your paper.  You might find it helpful to imagine that you are writing in 1931 rather than 2015.


When I click on one of the links, I'm prompted for a username and password. What gives?

Make sure that you're logged in to the VPN if you're off campus. Links and instructions for how to download are here.

I can't find enough sources, what should I do?

a. try seeing if you're covering all the spelling variants, i.e. Rudolph vs. Rudolf

b. try using just the actor/director's last name, or just their first initial and their last name, i.e. Bela Lugosi, Lugosi, or B. Lugosi

Look around in sources that are after 1931--wikipedia, or books, or whatever. Find some keywords you can use to tease out sources, like Charlie Chaplin AND born to see if you can find a biography of him.

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Trade & Fan Magazines pre-1931

Find Historical Film Reviews

Photos, Clips, Press Kits & Ephemera

Find relevant film stills: Go to "classification", select films, enter in the keyword "silent" click on the "date" box to arrange stills chronologically

*UC Irvine access only