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Film and Media Studies: New Media & Games

Library information resources for Film and Media Studies

New Media Studies, Theory, and Games

New Media Studies and Theory

Researching new media studies and games studies can be challenging: as an emerging field, resources are not all in one place, and the subject matter - a critical lens on the way that the digital environment and the information society affect us - covers many separate areas. Here are some suggestions and recommendations for researching new media.



Books about games and gaming will primarily be in this section of the Langson Library

GV1199-1570                              Games

  • GV1200                               -History 
  • GV1201                               -General works 
  • GV1201.3                            -Anecdotes. Humor. Miscellanea 
  • GV1201.34                          -Games and technology 
  • GV1201.35                          -Symbolism of games 
  • GV1201.37                           -Psychological aspects
  • GV1201.38                           -Social aspects. Relation to sociology 

Most of the materials will likely be at Ayala Science Library, which houses all the Q's and all the T's (except for TR - Photography).

Q300-390                                     Cybernetics

  • Q350-390                           -Information theory
  • QA75.5-76.95                    -Electronic computers.  Computer science
  • QA76.75-76.765                    -Computer software

TK5101-6720                                Telecommunication, Including telegraphy, telephone, radio, radar, television

TK7800-8360                                Electronics

  • TK7885-7895                      -Computer engineering.  Computer hardware


Subject headings

Some of these subject headings are quite broad - if they return too many results, try combining them with a keyword, as seen below:







See also, the Informatics and Computer Science research guides.

Subject Guide

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