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Economics: Commodities

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UN Comtrade
United Nations Commodity Trade Statistics. Annual international trade statistics, for over 130 countries, detailed by commodity and partner country to the United Nations. Includes broad overviews of imports/exports by country and main categories of commodities. All values are converted in US dollars and metric units. Coverage dates as far back as 1962.

IHS Global Insight
Comprehensive coverage of regional, national, and global economic, financial, and commodity information. Includes historical data on macroeconomic variables such as national income accounts, balance of payments, foreign debt, interest and exchange rates, money supply and employment.


Global Commodities
Historical database with primary source visual, manuscript and printed materials documenting the trade in 15 commodities around the world from c1500 to the present day.  Commodities are: Chocolate, coffee, cotton, fur, opium, oil, porcelain, silver/gold, spices, sugar, tea, timber, tobacco, wheat, wine/spirits.  


Global Financial Data
Financial and economic data provided in ASCII or Excel format. Data includes commodity indices and prices.


Industry research reports of 30-40 pages on over 700 U.S. industries updated quarterly. Reports discuss market characteristics, segmentation, and industry conditions.  Also includes general business, economic, and consumer profiles, available under the Industry Risk Ratings tab.  

  • Home --> Industry Risk Ratings (top menu) --> US Business Environment Profiles:
  • International Economy and Commodities  /  Domestic Commodities and Goods


RAND California & State Statistics
Generate custom foreign trade spreadsheets.  Reports the value, shipment type, and destination for U.S. merchandise exports from U.S. Customs Districts.

  • Home -->  Business & Economics Database -->  Other (right column)  --> Foreign Trade:  Exports & Imports


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