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Dance: Scholarly Journal Articles

Starting points for research in dance

Dance Databases

Use these databases to find research articles for your projects and papers. Make sure you try searching in different databases as each database provides different information.

International Bibliography of Theatre & Dance with Full Text * is a good database to start searching for dance research articles. It includes records for over 60,000 journal articles, book chapters, dissertations and other sources of information that have been published all over the world.

Performing Arts Periodicals Database (previously International Index to the Performing Arts Full Text (IIPA)) * draws content from more than 210 scholarly and popular performing arts periodicals, and also indexes a variety of documents such as biographical profiles, conference papers, obituaries, interviews, discographies, reviews and events. The database covers a broad spectrum of the arts and entertainment industry, including dance, film, television, drama, theater, stagecraft, musical theater, broadcast arts, circus performance, comedy, storytelling, opera, pantomime, puppetry, and magic.


Interdisciplinary Databases

These databases aren't focused on dance, but many of them provide excellent information on particular topics within dance.

Academic Search Completeis a large multidisciplinary database with excellent coverage of dance.

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature * is a great tool to find scholarly articles, dissertations, book chapters, and conference proceedings related to music. While the focus of this database is music, there is a significant amount of literature focused on dance (particularly ballet) and the intersection of dance and music.

Project MUSE * is a multidisciplinary database. Its coverage of performing arts is more focused on performance studies and carries noteworthy journals such as Dance Research Journal.

JSTOR * is an extremely large multidisciplinary database. Note, it generally doesn't provide the 2-4 most recent years of a journal.

IEEE Xplore * provides access to articles and papers published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Contains some materials related to dance and technology of a very technical nature.

PsycINFO * is a psychology database. Use this if you are looking for the psychology of dance or dance therapy topics.

ERIC * is focused on education. There is a relatively large selection of dance education research found here.

Bibliography of Asian Studies * is a multidisciplinary database covering subjects, including dance, pertaining to East, Southeast, and South Asian studies. Much of this literature isn't covered in other databases.


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