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Gender and Sexuality Studies: Getting Started with Research

This guide supports teaching and research in Women, Gender and Feminist Studies at UCI. UCI has a strong Women's Studies department, & research in Women's/Gender/Feminist Studies is also based in other departments, such as History, Sociology, etc.

Begin Your Research

Typical Research Assignment

Do you have a class assignment requiring you to write a research paper and you’re not sure where to begin?

Do you understand what your teacher means by 'research'?

Can you pick a 'good' research topic?

Do you understand the information process and/or "Knowledge Cycle" that you are working with at this point?

Do you how to find keywords and related terms to your topic?

Do you know which and how to 'browse' the general sources of information, like encyclopedias, to become familiar with this research topic?

Will you use 'other types' of information sources, like books, articles, statistics, videos and more.... [not just Google or Google Scholar]?

Please ASK a Librarian for assistance. Also, refer to research FAQ tutorial on how to conduct research.

Information Literacy Defined: An Illustration

Information Literacy in Context

The ability for a student to recognize the interdisciplinary nature of information, and in so doing, to locate, manage, critically evaluate, synthesize, and use information ethically for academic assignments, problem solving, decision making, ongoing professional development, and life-long learning, is what the UCI Libraries endorses as being information literate. We continuously strive to meet this challenge.

Women Studies IL standards guide librarians' engagement with student researching; they are set as part of the  ACRL Standards.  

Subject Guide

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