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Drama: Context (History, etc.)

Starting points for research in drama

Physical Books

Understanding the historical or societal context of many design elements can sometimes take extra work. Most of this factually based information will tend to be located in books. Here are some searches that might help you locate some of this information:

Clothing and Dress History

Chronology - what was happening at a certain point in time? Generally covers politics, war, culture, etc.

Ethnology Encyclopedias

[Country name] Social Life and Customs

  • Insert the name of the country and then type Social Life and Customs.

Interior Decoration History

Manners and Customs

National Characteristics



Berg Fashion Libraryis an excellent resource to find articles about how fashion has been affected by history and society.

Oxford Art Online * allows one to search Grove Art, The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, and several other excellent art reference resources. This is particularly helpful to locate background information surrounding a topic.

Other Guides

If you are interested in reading historical primary sources you should look at the Primary Sources for History guide.