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Business: Mutual Funds and REITs

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Mutual Funds & REITs

Mutual Funds &
(Real Estate Investment Trusts)


S&P NetAdvantage
Coverage for both Mutual Funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), including current and historical financial performance, fund holdings, fees, rankings, and analysis. 

  • Home --> Mutual Funds / ETFs (tab)


Value Line
Covers publicly traded REITs, including financia
l performance, analysis, ratings, and FFO (Funds From Operations) data in the downloadable PDF Value Line Reports, available at the bottom of the REIT's information landing page. 


Thomson One
ONLY works with Internet Explorer!  Includes investment bank analyst reports and research, SEC filings & annual reports, M&A deals, and private equity information.  Has key company ratios, including downloadable comparisons within a field of competitors.  

  • Left Navigator Menu:  Screenings & Analysis --> Private Equity -->  Companies & Investors --> enter search criteria & scroll to bottom of page --> Generate Results (button).
Trade group that produces policy on industry best practices, as well as industry, investor, and retirement research and statistics.  (The UCI Libraries does not have a membership.)
National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts
Trade advocacy group that has policy, research, and industry data on publicly traded REITs.  (The UCI Libraries does not have a membership.)


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