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Business: Company Strategy

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You can also make more educated guesses about a company's strategy by analyzing:

the type(s) & location(s) of its job postings   |   its press releases   |   patents it filed

Company Strategy

Company Strategy


Mergent Online
1.  Allows for keyword searching through SEC filings.  10-K (Annual) reports can be particularly useful for information on strategy. 

2.  The Horizon tab organizes important strategic information pulled from SEC filings of multiple companies, including Partners, Customers, Suppliers, etc.  


Worldwide coverage of local and regional newspapers, trade publications, business news wires, press release wires, media transcripts, news photos, and business-rich websites.  The Expert Search function has pre-set search terms for competitive intelligence news about companies.  News is often one of the only sources for strategy on private companies. 


Business Source Complete
Covers virtually all business subjects.  News is often one of the only sources of strategy on private companies. 

  • Search first only by company name, and add more words as needed.  For ambiguous names, e.g. Apple, use:
    Select a Field (dropdown)  >  CO Company Entity.



Analyst Earnings Conference Call Transcripts


Because of Regulation Fair Disclosure, during quarterly conference calls, public must companies disclose their past quarter's performance, and they usually discuss their future outlook/initiatives.  These calls are transcribed, and they are known as Earnings Conference Calls or Analyst Calls.


Nexis Uni (Fomerly LexisNexis Academic)
Earnings call transcripts from the Fair Disclosure Wire publication, since April 2001. 



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