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Schedule: Meet with Annette


Subject Guide

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Annette Buckley

Due to question volume, my response time may be about 48 hours.

Each week I set aside 4-6 hours for appointments. 

1.  Scroll down and click in an open blue time box to start a booking. 

2.  "No Availability" means I was already booked, so check the next week.

3.  If my times don't work for you, or if this system is inaccessible, email me a selection of your available times and research question(s), and I will work to fit you in my schedule.


4.  If only part of your team meets with me, you need to share what you learned with the others (In other words, my time is limited, and you help everyone by effectively communicating among each other.)

Wednesday evenings from 6-7 p.m. are reserved for FEMBA students.